Songs for Saints
Songs for Saints
Justice Will Come Back (Psalm 94)

Justice Will Come Back (Psalm 94)

A metrical setting of Psalm 94:1-15

Note: Several years ago I started and completed a year-long project called The Anno Domini Podcast where I explored the various days, weeks, and seasons in the Church Calendar. Since we are in the midst of Lent right now this weeks SFS will be devoted to a Lenten songs.

For Christians today living in the Negative World, it may seem a new thing that wickedness could abound to such absurd levels. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of “reproductive rights” which, in the name of justice, seek to strip children of their status as image bearers of God and reduce them to a mere “choice.”

While child sacrifice isn’t new in general, America in particular is suffering from immense blood guilt because of our own slaughter of innocents via abortion.

At 3000 casualties a day, millions in profit, and tax payer support to boot this week’s SFS is a prayer for justice for those without voices and also a reminder to those who would commit, support, vote for, defend, legislate, and/or promote such ghoulish behavior that God is not mocked and that if we sow iniquity we will reap the whirlwind.

The title of this song comes from one of the last lines which states “Justice will come back again.” Christians living in “clown world” must never forget that justice will come back again to the righteous, that God sees all and knows all, and that “everyone whose heart is upright will see righteous judgement.”

Psalm 94:1-15 | The Text

1 O LORD God, to whom vengeance belongs—
O God, to whom vengeance belongs, shine forth!

2 Rise up, O Judge of the earth;
Render punishment to the proud.

3 LORD, how long will the wicked,
How long will the wicked triumph?

4 They utter speech, and speak insolent things;
All the workers of iniquity boast in themselves.

5 They break in pieces Your people, O LORD,
And afflict Your heritage.

6 They slay the widow and the stranger,
And murder the fatherless.

7 Yet they say, “The LORD does not see,
Nor does the God of Jacob understand.”

8 Understand, you senseless among the people;
And you fools, when will you be wise?

9 He who planted the ear, shall He not hear?
He who formed the eye, shall He not see?

10 He who instructs the nations, shall He not correct,
He who teaches man knowledge?

11 The LORD knows the thoughts of man,
That they are futile.

12 Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O LORD,
And teach out of Your law,

13 That You may give him rest from the days of adversity,
Until the pit is dug for the wicked.

14 For the LORD will not cast off His people,
Nor will He forsake His inheritance.

15 But judgment will return to righteousness,
And all the upright in heart will follow it.

Psalm 94:1-15 | The Metrical Setting

God of vengeance oh Jehovah
God of vengeance oh shine forth
Rise up oh You Judge of nations
Render to the proud their worth
Oh Lord how long shall the wicked
How long shall the wicked boast
Arrogant the words they pour out
Ill men all a taunting host

They Jehovah crush your people
And your heritage distress
They kill sojourner and widow
Murder they the fatherless
And they say Jehovah sees not
Jacob's God does not have eyes
Understand oh stupid people
When oh fools will you be wise?

Who the ear made does He hear not?
Who formed eyes does He not see?
Who warns nations does He smite not?
Who men teaches knows He not?
All the thoughts of men the Lord sees
Knows that but a breath are they
Blessed the man whom You chastise Lord
Whom You teach to know Your way

Give him rest from days of trouble
Till the wicked be overthrown
Our Lord will not leave His people
Will abandon not His own.
When to every verdict given
Justice will come back again
Everyone whose heart is upright
Will see righteous judgement then

God of vengeance oh Jehovah
God of vengeance oh shine forth

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The text for this song comes from The Book of Psalms for Singing © 1973

The amazing picture for the cover art was drawn by none other by Leonardo da Vinci who understood the beauty of the reality described by the psalmist.

Psalm 139:13-14

13 For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.

14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

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Songs for Saints
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